Spring Style: A Fresh Season Means Fresh Items At The Rider Store

Spring Style: A Fresh Season Means Fresh Items At The Rider Store

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Spring has sprung…kind of.

The snow has yet to leave the ground, and temperatures remain below seasonal across Riderville—but we won’t let that stop us from looking forward to the budding season, and all the things it brings with it. Including football!

With that in mind, it’s time to get fresh for the occasion and take a quick trip to the purveyors of all things Green & White: The Rider Store! Scroll with us, as we look at what’s new, and make sure your “fits” are fit for 2023!

Mannequin wearing a bucket hat and shirt

Bucket Hats

These are items that always sell fast, both in-store and online. Probably because they’re as cool as they are functional. A versatile headwear choice, the bucket hat is suitable for any situation, from sitting near the sideline while cheering on the home team, to soaking up the sun and listening to a road game on 620CKRM while sipping a Pilsner.
… We’ve painted a picture, right?!

With options available for men, women and children, there’s a “buckey” for everyone on your team!

Jerseys hanging on a rack in the Rider Store

Custom Jerseys

With new names to root for, returning favourites, and the ever-popular and one-of-a-kind fan design, Spring is the time to refresh your game day get-up with a customized home or away jersey that’ll show your Rider Pride in the same stunning fashion as the team on the field. With a full range of numbers, colours and sizes available, the custom jersey is ideal for the serious fan who wants to wear their heart on their sleeve, shoulders, chest and everywhere in between!

a Rider branded golf bag

Golf Gear ⛳️

Every time we wander the aisles of the Rider Store, it’s shocking just how much S-emblazoned equipment can be found, allowing you to show the world that “Green is the colour”, even when football isn’t the game! In this instance, we’ve got you covered when you take to the turf of a different variety, with Rider golf gear! From balls and tees to club covers and bags, The Rider Store really is your one-stop football-related golf shop!

Oh yeah, we’ve got golf shirts too—they’re perfect fore the course, or the office!

a group of Riders-branded baseball caps and bucket hats

Ball Caps

Take them out to the (foot)ball game.
They’ll make you stand out in the crowd.
Buy caps from New Era and Zephyr Brand— perfect for big wins and amazing comebacks.
You can wear them to root for the home team, we put other’s selections to shame.
…So get 1, 2, 3 hats today, for this year’s (foot)ball games!”

A wall of women's clothing

Tees & Tanks

It wouldn’t be a new season – or the making of a fresh wardrobe – with the addition of some new t-shirts and tank tops to mark the occasion. As always, The Rider Store is there for you with more unique styles, cuts and colours than you can shake a yardage marker at! Find the perfect fit by visiting us at our Mosaic Stadium or Midtown Plaza locations, or by heading to www.theriderstore.com. But make sure you hurry, as these stylish tops may not last as long as the melting Saskatchewan snow!