In-Seat Delivery

In need of some Rider gear on game day but don't want to miss a minute of the game?  The Rider Store introduces a new premium service in-seat delivery on game day at the Mosaic Stadium. 
It's easy, head over to the Rider app or to shop online.  Place your Rider Store order, when you get to the shipping page select the "In-seat delivery" premium service option for a small delivery fee of $5.00.  After completing your order please select "Get shipping updates by SMS" to receive order updates right to your cell phone.
Our staff will pick and pack your order and deliver it right to your seat during the game!  
  • Shipping confirmation email will be sent when item(s) are on their way or fulfilled.
  • Must show confirmation email or ID at time of delivery. 
  • If you are not in your seat at time of delivery, items will be available in the main Mosaic Stadium team store for pick up at the check out counter.
    • Orders will be delivered during the first half of the game.
    • In-Seat Delivery will cease at the start of the 3rd quarter to ensure delivery before the end of the game.
      • Returns will be put onto the card used to purchase. No cash returns.
      • Exchanges can be made in-store based on availability.
      • In-seat delivery option will be available two days before game day and up to the 3rd quarter to ensure delivery before the end of the game.  We may turn off the in-seat delivery premium service option if there are a high number of orders.

      Questions/comments can be sent to